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A Marriage of Inconvenience Part one  & Part Two Matt has the money and power while Mohinder has the social standing. They should be a perfect match, it's just a shame they can barely stand each other... (Historical/Fantasy)

Companionship - Mohinder is the trainee companion learning his trade (Fantasy)

Breaking in remix Mohinder finds Matt's family's files at Primatech.

Cure Mohinder is trapped at Pinehearst but Matt knows how to help

Disconnect and Connection rated 15 for language and adult concepts -  All Matt wants is to be left alone

Duet Fantasy AU in which the captured Seraphim people struggle to adjust to their new conditions. Wing!fic (Fantasy)

Easy/Hard Mohinder's POV on events in 3.15 and Reflections POV in 3.20

Ink Mohinder reflects on the impressions he makes on his children 

In Plain Sight Mohinder can't understand why he can't stop thinking about Matt

Lesser Evils and Other Lies Sex or death fic in which people must have sex regularly or risk losing the ability to tell right from wrong.

Medicine Mohinder has a mutated version of the virus that means he has to have sex several times a day.

Monkey Matt finds ways to cheer up his mother and to have fun with Molly and Mohinder.

Passing series Matt and Mohinder are on opposite of the Primatech/Pinehearst battle

Pandora's Box/Tender - birthday request from Alicebluegown16 in which Matt, not Sylar, is Angela's son.

Resistance 5YG AU - Matt and Mohinder are in the Resistance against the government

Real Life - Summary: Matt struggles to find a new job.

Secrets Matt finds having secrets hard to cope with.

SWAT Save a man's life and you become responsible for it.

Sweeter series Mohinder is doing what he has to in order to make ends meet.

Tales of the Wild West: The Gunfighter: When drifter Mohinder saves gunfighter Matt’s life he know exactly what he wants as a reward.(Historical)

Tales of the Wild West: The Saloon
It’s a hard, violent life on the frontier and people do what they have to survive. Just ask saloon owner Matt and saloon “host” Mohinder. (Historical)

Tempus/Mentis Unrequieted Matt/Gabriel, where Gabriel is reformed, with mentions of existing Matt/Mohinder.

The Arrangement, And Other Disasters: 1 & 2 Mohinder and Matt are both young princes from different kingdoms whose shyness is making it difficult for find a marriage mate.

They Danced By The Light Of The Moon Fantasy AU Wing!fic, Mohinder is the predator and Matt has a broken wing. (Fantasy)

Toy series individually rated - AU in which clones are sold as playthings. 

Written in Blood 1 & 2 - (18) Matt is investigating a series of murders at the swingers resort Mohinder helps run.

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