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  • Чт, 14:48: @virginmedia Hi, do you know if the broadband is down again in the Bolton area? My just died.
  • Чт, 15:09: I have to read TWOP forums just to pick up the plot points I'm too dumb to work out by myself :P
  • Чт, 15:33: Dear Word, I am writing a critique. Therefore I feel justified in saying I am critiquing. Quit telling me to change it to 'review'.
  • Чт, 16:14: Why are first drafts of assignments always like pulling teeth? BAH! I give up for now.
  • Пт, 06:08: Megaupload has been shut down? Oh noes!
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  • Чт, 16:14: Why are first drafts of assignments always like pulling teeth? BAH! I give up for now.
  • Пт, 06:08: Megaupload has been shut down? Oh noes!
  • Пт, 09:55: 2 hours being audited by French peeps. Now they want my bad taste bears :O
  • Пт, 15:51: Today not a good day to be around small children.
  • Пт, 15:52: RT @Channel4News: Attention. Do you know of a particularly fat cat that we could film? Owners of said four-legged portly felines please ...
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Name: The Final Step

Pairing: Matt/Mo

Rating: PG-13

Warnings: Extreme saccharine schmoopiness, sexual scenes

Word Count: Approx 8330

Authors Note: Final "Baby Steps" story. Goodness this has been a long time coming. Got there in the end though. Thanks to everyone for bearing with me for sooo long. Huge thanks and grateful kisses as always to [livejournal.com profile] boudecia7 for support and beta editing. Any remaining mistakes are my own damn fault.

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Jan. 20th, 2012 10:10 pm
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Too much fic for my Matt/Mo so I'm having to make new indexes. Please ignore the following.
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A Mercenary Life Matt's a two-fisted-balls-to-the-wall Soldier-of-fortune hired by the museum's chief benefactor to serve as protector and wilderness guide for geeky and driven archeologist Mohinder Suresh.

A Price of Rubies - Matt is an archaeologist working at some excavation in India. Mohinder is a prince; beautiful, seductive, etc… Then suddenly one of Matt’s colleagues dies in an accident… or is it? (Historical)

Death in Shallow Water part
1 & part 2 - Ensemble fic, with some kind of fashionable seaside resort in the 1920’s, where all the Petrelli’s and friends (or antagonists…) spend their summer. Like, lazy days on the beach, beautiful evening gowns, big bands playing in the restaurant and lanterns in the trees, etc… until someone gets killed. And along comes Hercule Poirot, I mean detective Matt Parkman…(Historical)

Heat rated 18 - Chandra Suresh has been murdered. Can Detective Matt Parkman and Agent Audrey Hanson catch the killer before he goes after Mohinder too?

One of Them, One of Us.Matt can’t stand the new Primatech partner he’s been assigned.

Taskforce  rated 18 - Having an ability is a fact of life for thousands of Americans. Most of them are decent folks. To cope with the rest, there's the Specials Crime Taskforce. Taskforce: Christmas

The Shadow rated 18 - Mohinder is a Highwayman intent on robbery and romance

The Tiger and The Eagle rated R Mohinder is the bandit prince that mercenary Matt is intent on turning in for the reward.

Trust rated 18 - Matt & Audrey hunt down escaped prisoners - mention of Matt/Mohinder 


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Dying Light rated PG -  Mohinder reflects on the taking of a life 

Easier  rated PG - In response to the prompt 'Matt with alternate abilities than he has now i.e. no telepathy/mind control but anything else is fair game. 

Enough rated PG - in response to the prompt 'Matt and his Mom. Is she alive? Is she dead? Was she around when he was a kid? Did she try to protect him from Maury? Where did she go?'

Far from home rated PG -  Molly isn't as alone as she thinks

Five Times Mohinder Just Didn’t Get It and One Time He Did Mohinder just doesn't understand Matt and Nathan's friendship...

The Two of Us Matt and Molly are doing just fine on their own. 

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5 Ways Matt is too Smart for Mohinder  (PG)

A Hard Day's Knight - Matt is the hard living hero trying to rescue Mohinder. (Fantasy)

A Model Life: Male model Mohinder gets a new bodyguard.

Baby Steps Series (Individually rated)

Baker's Dozen
Matt is friendly neighbourhood baker and Mohinder and Adam local cops dropping in for coffee and cake.

Bed Tales Matt and Mohinder go bed shopping

Champagne Kisses(15)

Confessions of a mild mannered man (18) Matt has only one thing on his mind

Cubed (15) & The Competition (PG)

Dirty Thirties In the 1930’s bank robbers are celebrities, folk heroes and Mohinder ‘Pretty Boy’ Suresh is loving every minute. But the forces of law and order have a trick or two up their sleeves. Sequel Dirty Little Town (Historical)

Echolalia Mohinder is the patient and Matt is his nurse

Echoes Matt and Mohinder their lives after Claire threw herself from the Feris wheel.

Fool series (Individually rated) 

- Matt is a drummer in a local band about to do their first four-state tour. Mohinder works at a bar where Matt plays, helps him load his stuff off stage after their gig, and then it leads to where ever.

The Happy Homemaker Domesticated!Mohinder and stern-but-kindly patriarchal!Matt.

Harem Boys (NC-17) Matt and Mohinder grow up together in the harem (Fantasy)

Horse and Carriage On the run from Danko, Matt, Mohinder, Bennet, and Peter find the strain getting to them.

Hardboiled (PG-13) Private eye Matt investigates a murder in the Hollywood hills. Sequel Soft Centre

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished - Matt gets sold at Charity Auction

The Mastermind
Part One & Part Two - Summary: Evil doesn’t always wear a wicked face. Sometimes evil is amiable, family-oriented, and a really great boss...

Pirates and Princes
1 & 2 Star Wars Spoof

The Courtship Rituals of An Evil Scientist  Matt and Mohinder work for rival secret organizations but they don't know each other's names and have never met. They happen to meet up one night with neither realizing who the other is. They flirt, and things quickly become serious; but what happens when Mohinder finds out who Matt is?

The Pilot - Matt is a pilot and he's AWESOME

The Ritual - Matt is a slave bounty hunter working for his freedom and Mohinder is the tattoo artist tracking his progress.

The Turtle Moves - Matt is a police officer asked to tend to the city's largest geek convention (anime, sci-fi, fantasy, whatever). Mohinder is an avid fan. Awkward fan-boying and geek-talk leads to love.

Thresholds and Doorways NC-17 Matt is the bouncer and Mohinder's brothel and he's being verrrry careful about Mohinder's customers.

To Sir, With Love - Matt is the new teacher at a school infamous for its troubled students ("When they're too young for jail and juvvie's full, they get sent here.").

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A Thorough Examination Matt gets a very thorough medical...

Cabin Fever: rated 18 Threesome with Peter - on the run from the government Matt, Mohinder, and Peter find ways to relieve their tension.

Cops ‘n’ Robbers

Earthed - Threesome with Elle rated 18 Elle thinks she can bring fugitives Matt & Mo in...

Fantasies Matt just can't control himself around Mohinder.

Fee Fi Fo Fum What’s a hero to do when the evil giant just wants to be friends? (Fantasy)

Goldilocks Who’s that in Matt’s bed?

Grit in the Oyster

Hands On - Matt's put his back out, Mohinder thinks he can help


In the Pale Moonlight - werewolf fic

Lab War Matt's a veteran lab manager who rules the labs he works in with an iron fist and a stern eye. But he runs into trouble when newly minted professor Mohinder Suresh arrives, bursting at the seams with brilliance, enthusiasm, and disorganization.

Mohinder Needs to be taught to hold his tongue - Dubcon

Matt/Mohinder – the dirty things Mohinder has done with Peter - Swingers series 5

Playtime Mohinder gets a pleasant surprise when he returns home

Strings Attached

The Best Boyfriend Ever rated 18 threesome with Adam - it's Matt's birthday and he's getting a fantastic present.

The Fascination of Mohinder Suresh Mohinder has a crush on the new vampire in town... Halloween story!

The Observer Effect

The Robin Factor

Water Baby Matt thinks he’s got the shower all to himself...

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A Marriage of Inconvenience Part one  & Part Two Matt has the money and power while Mohinder has the social standing. They should be a perfect match, it's just a shame they can barely stand each other... (Historical/Fantasy)

Companionship - Mohinder is the trainee companion learning his trade (Fantasy)

Breaking in remix Mohinder finds Matt's family's files at Primatech.

Cure Mohinder is trapped at Pinehearst but Matt knows how to help

Disconnect and Connection rated 15 for language and adult concepts -  All Matt wants is to be left alone

Duet Fantasy AU in which the captured Seraphim people struggle to adjust to their new conditions. Wing!fic (Fantasy)

Easy/Hard Mohinder's POV on events in 3.15 and Reflections POV in 3.20

Ink Mohinder reflects on the impressions he makes on his children 

In Plain Sight Mohinder can't understand why he can't stop thinking about Matt

Lesser Evils and Other Lies Sex or death fic in which people must have sex regularly or risk losing the ability to tell right from wrong.

Medicine Mohinder has a mutated version of the virus that means he has to have sex several times a day.

Monkey Matt finds ways to cheer up his mother and to have fun with Molly and Mohinder.

Passing series Matt and Mohinder are on opposite of the Primatech/Pinehearst battle

Pandora's Box/Tender - birthday request from Alicebluegown16 in which Matt, not Sylar, is Angela's son.

Resistance 5YG AU - Matt and Mohinder are in the Resistance against the government

Real Life - Summary: Matt struggles to find a new job.

Secrets Matt finds having secrets hard to cope with.

SWAT Save a man's life and you become responsible for it.

Sweeter series Mohinder is doing what he has to in order to make ends meet.

Tales of the Wild West: The Gunfighter: When drifter Mohinder saves gunfighter Matt’s life he know exactly what he wants as a reward.(Historical)

Tales of the Wild West: The Saloon
It’s a hard, violent life on the frontier and people do what they have to survive. Just ask saloon owner Matt and saloon “host” Mohinder. (Historical)

Tempus/Mentis Unrequieted Matt/Gabriel, where Gabriel is reformed, with mentions of existing Matt/Mohinder.

The Arrangement, And Other Disasters: 1 & 2 Mohinder and Matt are both young princes from different kingdoms whose shyness is making it difficult for find a marriage mate.

They Danced By The Light Of The Moon Fantasy AU Wing!fic, Mohinder is the predator and Matt has a broken wing. (Fantasy)

Toy series individually rated - AU in which clones are sold as playthings. 

Written in Blood 1 & 2 - (18) Matt is investigating a series of murders at the swingers resort Mohinder helps run.

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Alpha Dog - rated 18 Matt's the leader of the pack Dub/Non-con

Always - rated 15 Vampire!Mohinder

Evolutionary Remnants and Natural Prey -  rated 12 I Am Become Death verse story, Mohinder wants his family back but Matt has moved on

Homecoming - rated 15 for gore 

LD50 (18) for language and disturbing concepts Matt has some tests he wants to run on Mohinder.

Pinned Butterfly Matt catches a serial killer terrorising the city only to find a bored, murderous ruler crushing on him. (Matt/Mo)

Ruling in Hell (18)

Sleeping Tiger (18) (warning for gore) All Molly wants is to protect her family

True Love
1 & 2 AU in which people of ability are considered as subhuman, and the ‘dangerous’ have been locked up under Mohinder’s tender care.

Toxic 'Verse (18) 5YG AU in which Mohinder's obsession and Matt's quest for revenge have horrific repercussions. 


All explicit non-con is now friends only. If you want to read it friend me and send me a PM, thanks.

Explicit & Extreme NON-CON

Asylum Matt/Mo Dark!Fic, Matt torture explicit NON-CON, medical torture

Taking (18) NON-CON Matt is taller and stronger and so much more vulnerable

Testing series (18) Explicit NON-CON (Testing is explicit non-con and friends only, the others in the series are angst and open to all) 

 The Perfect Gift Arthur has got Mohinder the perfect gift - Matt tied up, gagged, all ready to be sexed up against his will.


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