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Hey All, In around a month or so we're going to ask for fic prompts for Greg Grunberg's other roles. Not everyone has access to DVDs or recordings of Grunny's other roles so we thought it might be fun, and helpful, to post up recaps of his other work. Hopefully this will give people a chance to see the other characters he’s played and the universe they operate in so they’ll have a better chance of prompting for a story.

If anyone would like to write a recap please let me know and I’ll link your recap to this post. Where he’s played a character in a series, a recap for one or two episodes or a character and series description would be great. Here's a list of Grunny's other roles along with links to recaps I've already done. I’ve only included roles that I’ve seen/have access too so if anyone wants to do a recap for, say, “Bond of Silence” then go for it. Where TWOP recaps are available I’ve linked to those too. As we fill these in I'll post up the links.

2011 Love Bites (TV series) - Judd Rouscher

2010 Group Sex (Movie) - Jerry

2010 Kill Speed - Jonas Moore  

2004-2010 Lost (TV series) - Seth Norris (TWOP recaps)

2006 Monk (TV series) Jack Leverett – Mr. Monk and the Actor (2006) … Jack Leverett

2001-2006 Alias (TV series) - Eric Weiss (TWOP recaps)

2006 House: Sex Kills (TV) Ronald Neuberger – Sex Kills (2006) (TWOP recap)

2006 The Darkroom (Movie) - Bob (Commentary and movie.)

2001 The Medicine Show (Movie) - Barry

2000 Hollow Man - (Movie) - Carter Abbey

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House: “Sex Kills”

Note: I don’t watch House so my knowledge of characters and existing plotlines is basically nil but I have done some research.

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