Dec. 22nd, 2009 07:22 pm
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Yes I'm running behind on photographs. Dohh. Stupid photos won't be a decent size :(  )


Dec. 22nd, 2009 05:57 am
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Banners! All taken from Heroes-france (who have TONS of great pictures)
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I was taking some screenshots for research and found the digital zoom worked. Whoo hoo! So, for your delectation...

Mmm chains...  )
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From The Medicine Show - how NOT to fool people into thinking your really are a doctor, yup, yu-huh, honest.

WHAT kind of doctor are you exactly??? )
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I'm going to a conn in April so I'm getting some more T-shirts made, yayz! But I don't know what to put on them. I'd love to do a 'wanted' poster style one for Matt but I've no ability with graphics. I have one with Stormtrooper!Grunny already. Help me flist, what else should I have done? <3
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Wibble! Matt's looking very 'Alias' in the picture there. Mmm.
*Fans Self* )Can anyone see what this says? I can make out 'on a 'hunch' he' but nothing else. I'll have a closer look when it's shown on Aunty Beeb tomorrow.

I need HD damnit! )


Dec. 6th, 2008 03:42 pm
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Totally random cat picture. Because it made me go awww and I'm missing my cats.

tis k i iz sorry mum
see more crazy cat pics
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For reals!

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I enjoy this too much :) 

Gratuitous semi nudity )

The winner is: [ profile] hanuueshe  "What do you mean my superman outfit is missing?" - So a request for you :) 
Runner up: [ profile] original_tinks  *hips gyrating* AND I'M - TOO SEXY FOR MY SHIRT! TOO SEXY FOR MY SHIRT! SO SEXY IT HURTS! UH HUH! - A prompt for you :) 


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Anyone fancy this again? Winner gets a request/prompt. (If they want one, LOL)
ETA I'll pick a winner tomorrow and hopefully do the story over the weekend :) 

Tarzan want Jane! I mean Mohinder, yeah! )
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Oh Mai Gawwd )
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Because I'm watching the DVDs and bathtime!Sean is cute and furry :D Oh, but chocolate eating Sean is a man after my own heart :D Oh look, MORE Sean. This is a good episode for him, hee.

Sit down again, but more slowly...  )

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I have NO idea what he's looking at here. But Mad_jaks said I should ask people for captions and offer a request fic to the winner. And as Mad_jaks rules my world I will do so. Here's the picture...

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 ETA I was unclear.: I had a FANTASTIC time and being touched up (lol) was great. Just rather nerveshredding :)

Yack, yack, yack )


My Saturday and Sunday photographs! If you use them (unlikely but...) please credit


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T-shirt )

My t-shirt! Let me show you it :) Hmm, one of these is lying flat and the other isn't. Shame it's so obvious eh?


HUGE! (Made you look) )Someone, please, what's with the watch? Is it a secret heart monitor? Does it contain the secret to make surprisingly young women in manga costumes scream 'GREGGGGG!' halfway across the hall? Why's it sooo big?


Are you SURE nice girls do this Mr Grunberg?  )

Everyone shout 'talk about it!'. We did. Apparently it will be on the website.

Mad_jaks says this is a little nervous movement. Who am I to argue. No chest hair though. Not like on the photoshoot, hehe.


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