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Arrived safely at  the hotel. On the downside the bt dongle doesn't work here EITHER, frigging useless thing, which means internet access is through my phone or the complimentary net access in the the lounge. Which leads me to the upside - totally random and unexpected upgrade, whoo! Complimentary soft drinks and snacks in the lounge plus internet access via a hotel computer.

Does mean that unless I cough up £15 for internet access in my room I won't be able to post the story I've been working on or chat to my mum on video chat. I'll see how much food I can stock up in here and if that offsets the internet cost I might shell out. I do hate having unposted fic burning a hole in my laptop, especially when it's someone's birthday :D
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Looks like Loudtwitter has died... again.

Anyways, for anyone interested who hasn't already seen these on my twitter:

This is the top hat I bought for the Discworld Gala dinner. (Nosy cat not included)

And this was it after I'd finished trying to tart it up a bit. (Tangelo has a thing about feathers, so he was banished from the room for this one.) You can't see in the photograph but the ribbon around the hat has little roses.

This is the start of my explorer costume.

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[Error: unknown template qotd]Susan Sto Helit in Discworld, cursed with being sensible, practical, and rational in a world that isn't any of those things. Rather impatient, somewhat inflexibile, and entirely too fond of chocolate. :) 
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So I got mentioned in a livejournal I'd never heard of so I had a look and followed a link to a fanfic marked up Heroes/Discworld. Which being a MASSIVE discworld fan intrigued me. Guess what? It's Vimes and Matt. (Not Vimes/Matt. Euw.)

VIMES and MATT. In the same fic! And it's very true to the series and very funny. Even if I didn't work out 'Hebrew S Kool' without help. Duhh.

*For any sad souls not familiar with discworld - Vimes is the Commander of the City Watch. He's a fantastic character, my favourite ever fictional character, who I cannot do justice to in a few lines. But he's great. Trust me.
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My story 'The Picnic' was partly based on something that happened at the Discworld con last week and hey! There are piccies to prove it :D I just stole these off the official Discworld 2008 Yahoo page. Bwaahaha. There we are in front of several hundred people and Ben decided it was the perfect time to have his brunch. No Matt anywhere, alas :( 

Mad Seamstress...  )
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I just got home :) The Discworld convention was fantastic fun but good grief it's nice to be home with my cats, decaff tea, and an internet connection that doesn't only last 24 hours or I have to sit in a corridor to get. Oh and the ability to send emails. For some reason I can't do that away from home :S 

Also my Heroes series 1 and 2 blu-ray arrived, yay! Picture in picture commentaries, yay! Blu-ray exclusives, yay! Utterly horrible and tacky artwork, boo! 

More later when I have relaxed and am not being shouted at by irate cats. 

Oh, and my team won Dyskheads against the experts, yay!


Aug. 22nd, 2008 04:15 pm
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I'm sat in the lobby of the hotel waiting for Mad_Jaks and Terry Pratchett has just arrived. He's standing four feet away from me deep in conversation... !!!


Aug. 21st, 2008 08:04 pm
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The good: 
Nice people at the convention especially the lady convincing me to join the seamstresses guild (prostitutes for non-fans)
Goody bag upon registration
An iron in my room - because my good skirt got horribly creased in my bag
Lots of tea bags and milk. I drink tea like I breath. Possibly more regularly.

The bad: 
Hilton f**king metropole - once again a 45 minute faff to book in, this time because 'we don't take switch'. Er, wot? 21st century much.
Reception man giving me stress that I should go to the NEC and draw out enough cash to pay my bill on Monday. Are you mad? I'm not tramping about with £200 in cash! You don't take switch but couldn't be arsed to tell anyone and oh yeah you CAN take it but it's a massive pain. Know what? That's YOUR problem Mr Camp Accent. 
No internet in my room! I don't mind paying a tenner for access but I'm not happy that I'm having to sit in a CORRIDOR to get online. GRRR.


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