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Any good?

ETA stupid LJ. It reads 'Slash Fiction. Matt KNOWS what you've been writing.'


Apr. 28th, 2009 05:29 pm
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I'm looking at the following to put on the back of a t-shirt. Can anyone suggest a funny caption?

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Wow. I'm like, the convention killer o.O

Timeline got cancelled and Eclipse has only 130 ppl and is running a huge loss. (Massive, massive kudos for not cancelling. There would have been more than tears!)

So, yeah. That'll be... cosy, won't it? Never mind asking if anyone else on my Flist is going, by Sunday we'll probably all be on first name terms!

And apparently the Manchester showmasters con isn't on this year :( That was the only one I can get to without having to take time off work dagnabbit! And I met Tony Head. Mmm Giles... :) 
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I'm going to a conn in April so I'm getting some more T-shirts made, yayz! But I don't know what to put on them. I'd love to do a 'wanted' poster style one for Matt but I've no ability with graphics. I have one with Stormtrooper!Grunny already. Help me flist, what else should I have done? <3
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I just watched a bunch of people's video's from the Expo and I feel much better about my nerves. At least I didn't scream 'Oh my god! I can't believe I'm breathing the same oxygen as Greg!' right in his face. Yikes.



A dentist? Seriously?  )
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T-shirt )

My t-shirt! Let me show you it :) Hmm, one of these is lying flat and the other isn't. Shame it's so obvious eh?


HUGE! (Made you look) )Someone, please, what's with the watch? Is it a secret heart monitor? Does it contain the secret to make surprisingly young women in manga costumes scream 'GREGGGGG!' halfway across the hall? Why's it sooo big?


Are you SURE nice girls do this Mr Grunberg?  )

Everyone shout 'talk about it!'. We did. Apparently it will be on the website.

Mad_jaks says this is a little nervous movement. Who am I to argue. No chest hair though. Not like on the photoshoot, hehe.

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But first, London City Airport has FREE wi-fi! Score! Might actually get some photo's up today.

Today's panel was great! (And not just because Greg waved at me, hee!)

Good news, bad news. Or bad news worse news if you're not me )

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It's just gone 11 am. The panel is *supposed* to be at 12. But then they were supposed to start autographing about 40 mins ago and when I went past Vortex man was sat down and Grunny was just arriving - cue passing fangirls going SQUEEEE. We need to get these people online, stat.

The horrible band have stopped rehearing in the main hall (my ears, they bleed!) So I'm off to start a queue for the panel :D
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[ profile] mad_jaks here, as she won't get home until tomorrow night, Kethni's trusted me with her LJ so I could post some teaser pics.

Three quicks pics )

MCM Expo

Oct. 25th, 2008 09:09 pm
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I left my notes upstairs from the panel, doh. I'll try and post them all tomorrow .

Grunny at the con was like... the Beetles! Seriously, I was walking out of the hall to get some lunch and the stewards were shouting 'Clear the way!' Which seemed odd, why would you clear an EXIT of people trying to leave? But lo it twas Grunny coming in as he returned from somewhere. And when people realised, there were hordes of women SCREAMING of his name. There was more screaming at the signing while people on the sidelines tried to get his attention: 'GREG!!!! GREG!!!!'

And no, none of them were me either time. I'd made enough of a spectacle of myself with my t-shirt. If anyone ever wants to attract an actors attention at a convention then wear a custom t-shirt with his or her face on it. Even Brea Grant took a photo of it. Heh. (Whoever was asking how short she is? She is TINY. Way shorter than me. I'd say maybe 5 ft 3 or so.)

At the signing 98% of the people in the Heroes queue wanted his autograph - both times I went and when Madjaks went too. She got a cracking shot of him pointing at her as she snapped photo's while in the queue. Alas neither of us managed a shot of him doing his mock catwalk strut during the panel. Damn it!

And seriously the camera LIES like nothing else. I don't know about before, obviously, but compared to how he looks on Heroes in the flesh he's pretty damn trim.

I'll try and do a coherent report in a couple of days :) 
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I'm still shaking! He's so nice :D And gorgeous. And he asked to sign my t-shirt! (Has my icon on it) So I had to run out and post this :D

Oh god, I have a photo session booked with him too. AAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!
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In 3.5 hours, eek!

I have my camcorder (charged), mobile (likewise), laptop (duh), freakishly gorgeous photographs, clothing, toiletries, tickets, (madjaks your phone is turned off!) what else do I need...
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See here for more details:

9th Wonders MeetupsE-mail
The next Manchester meetup will be Saturday November 8th at the Night and Day Cafe on Oldham Street. Start 12 noon, ends when everyone has gone! The Night and Day serve food and it's fine for kids to be there during the day, it's also opposite Forbidden Planet!

A Heroes get-together in Manchester city centre! Whoo hoo!


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