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Does anyone really read these? My profile gets a surprising amount of hits so it should probably be slightly less blaah.

I work in chemicals/manufacturing on the legal side of things and I'm studing Literature part-time.

I'm a geek, always have been and probably always will be. I read a lot both pro and fan, and I watch as much TV/films/plays as I can. I'm into films, computers, games, and technology.

I'm not a music person. I buy complilation CDs and just stick to the songs I like. I couldn't name any of them or the singers. I'm likewise with clothes, makeup, and perfume. Actually I'm worse with clothes, makeup, and perfume!

I write fic, currently Heroes but previously The Bill. If I had a OTP it'd be Matt/Mohinder but I'll take whatever Matt I can get. Matt/Adam and Matt/Nathan are my next two BIG ships. I don't write Doctor Who fic because when I watch it I'm 10 years old again and all the kissing stuff is icky! I bailed out of Torchwood after season 2. Don't talk to me about Gwen Bloody Cooper.

*Edit because it's come up a few different times now - I don't write Mylar. I don't have a problem with it but it's not my thing. I don't write any Heroes fic without Matt but Mylar is the one that keeps popping up as requests.

Oh, and I can't stand fic where it looks like Matt/Mo, but it's actually Sylar pretending to be Matt. Just a personal thing.


Because I can't be bothered creating a whole post just for the apparently obligatory friending policy. (Policy, I feel like I'm at work. Maybe I should risk assess fic while I'm here. Maybe write a feedback procedure. Actually that might not be a bad idea.)

I live in a country where a bloke was prosecuted for writing death!RPS* now I don't write RPS and I don't write anything as extreme as murder/torture fic, which is what his was. However, it makes me anxious that he was prosecuted, therefore all my really dark Non-con fic is friends' only. So you friend me I'll only friend you back only if a) You're over 18 and b) You send me a PM. Nothing personal.

(*He was acquitted, partly because he'd taken sufficient steps to ensure children couldn't accidentally find his story, but by then he'd lost his job.)

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